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Principal's Welcome

“What can one offer to God, our Creator, who already has everything and knows everything better than we could ever express it?”


Dear ASA Family,


When St. Gregory was asked to answer this difficult question, his response was an entire book of 95 faith-filled prayers summed up into one simple fragment: “The sighs of the heart.”  


An excerpt from Prayer 14 states, “You (God) brought joy to the gloomy heart, You steadied the fainting soul, You restored happiness to the despondent spirit, You filled his emptiness with the anointing of the life-giving baptismal font and the cup of light.”  This is what I believe Armenian Sisters’ Academy does for its students, faculty, staff, administration, and parents.  ASA is a place that brings joy, stability, eagerness, and a faith-filled environment for our children.


I am excited to continue my vocation here at the Armenian Sisters’ Academy and, with your partnership, I am eager to produce great changes for our school.  It is my hope that this website helps you to see what your children experience throughout the day, a window into strong academic rigor, a view of the joy your children experience, and a preview for those of you visiting our site in the important quest of finding the right school for your children.


We may not all be saints like St. Gregory, yet we are all saints in the making.  May we answer the difficult question of what we can offer to God who has everything and knows everything by expressing our gratitude: 


Our gratitude to the Congregation of the Armenian Sisters of the Immaculate Conception for their unwavering spirit and dedication to preserving the Armenian culture and language; Gratitude toward our parents who work tirelessly to provide the best possible education to our children; Gratitude to our faculty and staff who work longer and harder than required to ensure your children’s success comes first.


With much gratitude, I continue on this journey to lead the school and our students from good to great.  Help us guide our children in developing their spiritual, intellectual, personal, emotional, and social potential while at the same time we nurture their talents so that they may follow God’s call.

Dr. Julio Tellez

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