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Dads Club

Dads Club

Building Bright Futures

The purpose of the Dads club and its members is to follow the vision of the Sisters to be an aid to the school by helping host fundraisers as well as assist in marketing and recruitment through community events. 


The fundraiser and community outreach events are:

Fool Breakfast
Mediterranean Night
Comedy Night
An Annual Cigar Night

Dads Club Members are:

Chair:              Antoine Bezdjian
Secretary:       Alec Kurkjian
Treasurer:       Arthur Dekermendjian
Members:       Meenas Kabadayan 
                       Garo Kurkjian  
                       Nishan Tanossian  
                       Mano Handian  
                       Raffi Kotikian  
                       Vicken Adjoyan  
                       Patrick Bayramian  
                       Vahe Tchoukadarian

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