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Advisory Board: About Us

ASA Sports Committee

Building Bright Futures

The purpose of the ASA Sports Committee and its members is to help aid the Athletic Director and the school's sports programs. The committee organizes fundraisers, outings to sporting events and also hosts on campus sporting competitions. The committee reinforces the Athletic Director's core message of sportsmanship being the most important value in sports by spreading this message in the community through action.

The Sports Committee hosts fundraisers and events such as the following: 

Bake Sales
Sports Merchandise Sales
Field trips to Sporting Events
An Annual Kickball Tournament 
The ASA Sports Banquet
Crusader Day

The members are made up of the Athletic Director and current ASA parents.
Chairperson: Alec Kurkjian
Members: Rita Andonian, Julie Dekermendjian, Melina Aghacopyan, Nana Samuelian, Soseh Honarchian, Armineh Garabedian, Mireille Meguerditchian

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