Our History

The Armenian Sisters’ Academy, located in Montrose, California, was founded in 1985 by Sister Hripsime Chiftelian and Sister Aida Alajian, and is one of two schools in the United States that are operated by the order of the Armenian Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. The other school is located in Radnor, Pennsylvania (established in 1967).
The first school principal of the Los Angeles school was Sr. Hripsime Chiftelian, who remained in this position from 1985-1995. She was followed by Sr. Alphonsa Bedrossian, who served as principal from 1995-1999, Sr. Yevtoksia Keshishian from 1999-2003, and finally the current principal, Sr. Lucia Al-Haik, who has been principal since 2003.
Founded specifically for the teaching apostolate, and to help preserve and perpetuate their ethnic identity, the Armenian Sisters have never abandoned their original commitment. Thanks to the Sisters’ strong faith and vigor, the Armenian child in America learns the religion, language, history and cultural traditions of his/her forefathers and is being formed in the faith of his/her ancestors.