While many other schools have taken the steps to move into distance learning throughout the first three to four
months of the school year, we are making plans one month at a time. Prior to our governor’s announcement of
forcing schools to begin the year with distance learning, we were working on bringing our community to

in-person instruction. Waivers from the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health (CLADPH) for
schools to operate have not been released and there is no specific timeline for the issuance of these waivers.
We are currently working on a return to in-person instruction protocol, previously shared with our parents, and have asked the assistance of some of our parents and teachers to help make our protocol something that would help us all feel safe upon our return to in-person instruction. This protocol is an essential item, which must be in place
prior to us returning. If we are unable to be safe, we will not return to in-person instruction. Further, in
consultation with the Preschool Licensing Department, we are only able to offer in-person services to our
enrolled preschool students. That means that only Yellow, Orange, and Blue Classes will be on campus.
Everyone else will be on distance learning.

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