Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

The Armenian Sisters' Academy strives to prepare students who will achieve the following at grade appropriate level: 


  • Know the Ten Commandments

  • Know and understand the basic teachings and religious celebrations of the Armenian Church.

  • Know the basic prayers and hymns of the Armenian Church liturgy.


  • Have a strong foundation in core subjects and achieve appropriate levels in English, Math, and Science. 

  • Know and use information technology (IT). 

  • Apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities to everyday life. 


  • Understand basic health, fitness, nutrition, and hygiene.

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.


  • Learn different types of music, art, theatre, and dance.

  • Demonstrate their artistic skills through displays and performances. 


  • Be disciplined and responsible citizens.

  • Be active participants in their local communities through volunteer work and activism. 

  • Develop an environmental consciousness.


  • Be able to speak, read, and write in Armenian. 

  • Know Armenian History.

  • Practice and preserve the Armenian culture and heritage. 

  • Respect different cultures and diversity. 



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