Advisory Board

Building Bright Futures

The Advisory Board of Armenian Sisters’ Academy (A.S.A.) is composed of individuals with diverse experience. Its main responsibility is to advise the academy in matters of finances as well as general maintenance of the school.


The Board Members are appointed by the Head of School and include the following volunteers.

Academics, discipline, curriculum, students, faculty, and staff fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of Administration. Any comments, suggestions, or concerns in these areas should be addressed by scheduling an appointment with the administration.

Advisory Board Members (2021-2022) :

Minas Kabadayan - Chairman

Armen Markarian- Vice-Chairman

Avo Topjian- Secretary

Garo Kurkdjian

Ani Papirian

The group shares the responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvements and responsible for upholding its core values.  


Advisory Board Core values:


Instill the highest standards of performance and integrity throughout all levels of Armenian Sisters’ Academy. 


Foster positive relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, honesty, and consistent demonstration of actions.


Create dynamic systems and processes that solve and resolve issues and overcome challenges.


Promote an environment of equality and opportunity while valuing individual differences and diversity.


Develop a community of individuals who share a collective responsibility to achieve a common mission.


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